Integrating worldwide information resources and aided by proprietary data mining software and methodology developed by SUNTHER, we search, benchmark and analyze technical standards and documents in different languages to facilitate product development and

We search, acquire and benchmark technical standards on a global scale and enable quick, effective and efficient comparison of voluminous technical standards in different languages with the aim to compare major Chinese and international technical standards, discovering their differences, understanding industry rules and assisting Chinese companies to better prepared for global competition. At the same time, recognizing deficiencies of the current technical standards system helps to promote healthy development and internationalization of Chinese technical standards.

For international engineering companies
T Effective decision-making support for bidding and business negotiation activities
T Avoid losses due to oversight of standards divergence during engineering, procurement and construction processes and ensure smooth execution of international projects

For exporters
T Understand market entry requirements
T Facilitate product positioning and development; provide justifications for market and product strategies
T Provide evidence for technical advancement and product compliance
T Support product certification
T Facilitate enterprises to take part in standard setting activities

For standardization organizations and research institutions
T Provide standard setting and modification references
T Facilitate promotion of standards by establishing evidence of technical advantages


Acquire worldwide commercial and technical information
With advanced searching methodology, rich database and information resources accumulated in over 20 years, we acquire commercial and technical information on a global scale based on clients’ actual needs.

Automated Technical Standards Benchmarking System
Self-developed multilingual technical standards benchmarking and data mining system
T Acquire technical standards quickly on a global scale
T Automatic extraction of key technical elements
T Multilingual and voluminous technical standards benchmarking  
T Comparison and display of technical structure
T Comprehensive and objective benchmarking results and reports

Knowledge Management System and Platform
Dynamic on-line platform for information management, project coordination and communication
Acquire, consolidate, manage and share international best practices and facilitate the application of best practices to business operations, helping enterprises gain competitive advantages by gathering and optimizing knowledge and experience resources.
T Timely release, accumulate and manage information on international technical standards updates and project results
T Offer flexible information search methods and enable real-time information sharing among users in different geographical locations
T Allow easy coordination between owner and supplier through “request-respond” and “demand-feedback” processes

Expert Review
T Validate technical indicators/elements
T Analyze differences in technical standards and suggest underlying reasons
T Propose ways to improve technical standard systems